Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Experience... Who needs it?

Possibly one of the most important qualities an employer looks for in any employee is their previous work experience. Without it, job seekers would find it extremely difficult to get the job they desire.

Since most employers require that potential employees have some relevant experience it narrows the pool or qualified candidates from which they will choose from. This seems like a dead end for those who have a career path in mind but do not possess the relevant experience required.

Fortunately, there are ways to acquire this experience before formally submitting your application.

What is important is that you print or take note of the experience required for the job you want. You must carefully read through the job poster or advertisement and highlight what the employer is asking of its employees. The next step is to categorize the experience. Some types of categories may include education, volunteer work, skills, abilities etc. By categorizing each experience requirement under sub-headings such as "education" you will enhance your ability to manage the acquisition of these requirements. The next step is to establish a time line. By doing so, you are able to remain aware of deadlines and motivate yourself to complete each project category in a effective and timely manner.

Understandably, many job seekers are pressed for time when it comes to applying to jobs, however, if your goals are career oriented, you have some time on your side. It would serve you well to maximize your time and limit the stress and intimidation of hefty, and seemingly unattainable, experience requirements by breaking them down into more manageable project categories.

Other ways you can really benefit from experience gathering is by connecting with employees of the relevant field of work you are interested in. By doing this, you can ask questions on how they achieved their experience and additionally, you may even find insight towards an easier approach or point of entry into your career of choice.

Stay positive and stay organized.

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