Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Job seekers are constantly searching for new ways to get the most out of their resumes. There are many formats to choose from, however, there are also many circumstances to consider when you are ready to market your resume to potential employers.

In today's feature, we will discuss these circumstances and marketing ideas.

To begin, you have to establish a clear understanding of how your potential employer wants to communicate with you. This can range from sending your cover letter and resume by email or applying to an online database which stores your resume for later review. These are the most prevalent choices employers tend to use when fielding resumes, however, many job-seekers make the mistake of submitting poorly-formatted resumes which do not look appealing to employers. This places you at a disadvantage when the human resources department reviews resume submission.

Many job-seekers have been told that you must constantly change and adapt your resume to meet the criteria or appeal to the interest of your prospective employer. This is the most important point you must consider. By undertstanding that your resume will continually need revision and modification you can begin to format and consider new ways to maintain the integrity of your resume through online email or database submissions.

Here are some basic recommendations:
  • When submitting your resume, ensure that you submit using a commonly used file format such as .doc (word) or inform yourself through contacting your prospective employer about what file formats the company or organization works in. This should not be too hard as most companies will inform you on what file format they work with.
  • During your formatting remove fancy lines or bullet schemes as they most often work against the readability of your resume. Employers want simplicity and clarity. They only take 35 seconds to skim through and if they have to follow fancy formatting gone wrong, your resume may not be given any further consideration.
  • Ensure that you are attaching the appropriate resume! I have fallen victim to this careless act and I have suffered the consequences. Be sure that you verify your file before you click "send". What I have done is set up a file in my documents folder where each job is categorized with its own file and resumes, cover letters, resources or study information are all stored accordingly.
By following these steps, one could maximize your resume's marketability and eliminate potential for an employer to over look your resume.

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