Friday, September 25, 2009

Interviews- The Inevitable Battle

Interviews- The Inevitable Battle?

Most people shudder at the thought of an interview. They have submitted a perfectly written resume and probably filled out an application and were able to answer several questions with ease. 

All this boosts confidence, which in turn generates excitement in finalizing and securing a job.

Then comes the invite for the interview. 

Interviews do not have to be stressful nor should unsuccessful ones be considered a failure. They are a learning opportunity and it imparts resourceful interviewee's with success strategies for future opportunities. 

Most people adopt the mindset that a bad interview should just be forgotten and the resulting disqualification from a job competition should be taken as a failure, however, let's step back from such an overbearing negative thought and analyse the structure of the interview, questions asked and general tone set by the interviewer.

There's tons of hidden information which isn't so obscure once you know what to look for. If you are a seasoned interview veteran then you could relate. 

Here's a few things to consider and prepare for before going into an interview:

1) Research
  •  Researching a company profile and delving into the core of their business is a great way to formulate practise questions and gives you an added sense of confidence because you're just that much more knowledgeable about the company and their operations. This applies to everyone from the Mail Room Clerk to the Senior Analyst etc. Everyone can benefit!
2) Attention to Details
  • Somewhat related to research, however, with clear distinctions, attention to details is a skill that his honed. Applications, job posters and other job information that a company of a prospective employer places in the open for job seekers to read gives you a feel of what kind of employees the company is looking to hire and what common skill sets their current employees posses. 
3) Resourcefulness
  • This is a handy tool to keep in your "Job-Seekers Toolbox". Resourcefulness is a quality that seldom get any praise or showcase during the interview process because of the constraints and routine practice of interviewing and the awkwardness that would ensue if such a requirement were actually asked to be performed on the spot. However, this logically filters upward through point 1 and 2 where if information is lacking a quick drive over to the company's HQ or satellite office and speaking with the secretary or even going as far as to make an appointment with an on-site HR rep would give you tons of insight into what makes the company tick. Small bit of information can lead to big success when used in a strategic and well thought out way.
4) Documentation
  • Keep a small journal which is easily accessible. If you have completed an interview and you were unsuccessful jot down where you think you didn't perform as well as expected and ask if your interviewers would mind providing you with some feedback. Jot down those notes as well. Keep a fairly detailed journal on these occurrences and feedback. Look back when you're heading into you next interview and find trends, correlations or just plain point where you can improve on and execute!

Always remember, information and routine practice of these strategies will lead to some interesting discoveries. You may find that many companies have a standardized and similar styles of interviewing candidates, therefore, your past experience in information gathering and research along with a comprehensive review of your missteps can lead to some incredible  results!

Have any great tips on interviews or how you have shown resourcefulness? Do you have any other pointers to add? Please feel free to comment.

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